Our Esteemed Faculty

HealthWebCE CEO
Josue Alvarado NREMTP LP RN (23 Yrs Paramedic ; 10 Yrs RN)
Medical Director
Dr. Alejandro Betancourt
Program Director-Mexico City
Jose Armando Arenas Gonzalez EMT (10 Yrs EMT)
Program Director-Trinidad and Tobago
Romel Powtan NREMTP (20 Yrs Paramedic)

Program Director-Houston
Mike Martinez EMTP CET PCT (25 Yrs Paramedic)
Ahislynn Itzel Corro Delgado
Program Director-San Benito
Joel B. Chapa Jr. NREMTP LP (24 Yrs Paramedic)
Program Director-Rio Grande City, Tx
David Martinez EMT-I (10 Yrs EMT-I)

We pride ourselves on having a world-class faculty that is second to none. . Experience levels range from a minimum of 10 years for our junior staff to more than 20 years for senior staff members.

  • Mike Martinez EMTP - Program Director - Houston, Tx
  • Jose Armando Gonzalez Arenas EMT-Program Director Mexico City
  • Danaee Silva EMT Program Director Reynosa Mx
  • David Martinez EMT-I Program Director Rio Grande City, Tx
  • Joel Chapa NREMTP Program Director San Benito, Tx
  • Romel Powtan NREMTP- Program Director Trinidad and Tobago
  • Lucas Kemp EMT- EMS Instructor