Our Comprehensive EMS and Allied Health Certification Programs Prepare You to Excel from Day One

HealthWebCE International Allied Health Educational Program, strictly adheres to the current National EMS Education Guidelines. Our coveted EMS certification programs are highly respected and acknowledged by all other medical institutions in the country. Over the years, we examined various syllabi in order to offer the best teaching and training to our students.

Apart from the core syllabus, however, we have made significant additions to the curriculum in terms of compulsory extra and Co-curricular training as well as mentoring. Additionally, we offer payment plans, such as 50% down and the other 50% within 30 days of course conception.

Applications & Admissions

We are open for admissions daily. We offer both online and in-house course. Online courses can be started at any time. Courses include: Emergency Medical Technician. Law Enforcement Courses Coming Soon !!!!

Spanish Medical Courses in Mexico include:

  • EMT
  • International Paramedic
  • Enfermeria auxiliar
  • RCP
  • Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support
  • ACLS
  • PALS

All application forms need to be collected from our Admissions Office in person, by email or by fax request. Filled-out forms are to be submitted back to the Admissions Office within one week of their issuance. All applying students must have all vital documentation when submitting their application form, including:

  • Completed & Signed Registration Forms
  • Immunizations for EMT, AEMT and CNA courses only
  • Copy of Hep B & TB Immunization Records for EMT, AEMT courses only
  • Copy of High School Diploma or GED

Upcoming Courses

EMT: June 20, 2017 City of La Feria Tx Public Library  T/TH 5p-8p                 EMT: June 2017 City of Mission Tx

EMT: June 2017 San Benito Tx                                                                                                     EMR: June 2017 La Joya Tx

EMT: June 2017 Houston Tx                                                                                                         EMT: May 2017 Mexico City D.F.

EMR: May 2017 Mexico City D.F.                                                                                                 EMT: June 2017 Trinidad and Tobago

AHA BLS CPR: Weekly                                                                                                                   AHA ACLS: Weekly

AHA PALS: Weekly                                                                                                                         PHTLS: Monthly

AMLS: Monthly                                                                                                                                TECC: Monthly

Tactical Medic SWAT: July 1,8,15,22,29  2017 (5 Saturdays of July)


NREMT AEMT and Paramedic Psychomotor Skills Session:  June 16, 2017 La Feria High School ; 901 W. Canal St. La Feria Tx 78559