About Us

HealthWebCE International

HealthWebCE International Allied Health Educational Program in San Benito, Texas, was established by Josue Alvarado, a visionary educator, who realized that it wasn’t enough to just complete a syllabus and declare that students are ready for the world.

His vision of education as a world-changing force came out of this realization. Unless students were prepared to become better well-rounded individuals, education would have failed in its duty. In lieu of that, our organization was created to be a center for quality, complete education, and to fully prepare one for their duties to come.

Josue Alvarado is a seasoned professional with more than 23 years of EMS field experience, 18 years as EMS educator, and 10 years as a Registered Nurse. His many certifications allow him to provide a comprehensive lesson plan that provides his students with a wealth of knowledge that other institutions don’t impart. His various degrees and certifications, include:

  • Registered Nurse
  • DSHS Advanced Coordinator
  • DSHS Licensed Paramedic
  • AAS Paramedic